We now offer one of those 
$10 memberships 
but it has strings attached.  It is set up like every other gym offering a no-contract membership whereas there is an $80 enrollment fee at sign up.  This $80 combines the $40 enrollment fee and $40 "price guarantee fee" that other gyms charge into one payment.  Annually, on your anniversary of initial sign up, the $40 price guarantee fee will be charged and you can only come during our staffed hours (listed here), tanning, childcare, and these awesome classes are NOT included.
To cancel this $10 membership, we need 30 days notice, our cancellation form signed at the gym and a $50 processing fee.

Our Club Fit 24hr difference is fully disclosing these add on fees here for you and our staff will tell you every single fee that will come out on initial sign up, as well as what is projected in the months to come.  
To be completely honest, we offer this membership solely based on the fact our competitors have it.  We know it is not the best membership option with all those fees... but we have it because they do and we want to give you options.  You still have access to the most equipment in the area as well as ladies have access to the private women's only area if you decide this membership is right for you!

No one can beat Club Fit's:
  • low monthly prices listed below
  • all the amenities included in EVERY membership listed below
    • (tanning, childcare, classes, women's only area, steam room, sauna, basketball court)
  • our motivating classes we have taught by some of the best instructors in the area
  • fully stocked pro-shop with your favorite supplements with affordable prices
  • membership that works in Somerset or Russell Springs
  • the exceptional staff we have at the front desk, personal training and taking care of your children, as well as
  • the amount of equipment we offer in our facility.                   

One membership card works at either locations;
Somerset or 

Interested in getting your business signed up for a reduced membership price?? 
Stop in and get an info sheet or email us!! {Owner@ClubFit24hr.com}

Club Fit's Cancellation Policy:
Because we pride ourselves with the ease and transparency of our cancellation policy, it is as follows for bank drafted membership plans:
  • For the VIP membership you sign up for 12 months; 
    • If you have fulfilled your 12 month contract commitment, you can cancel at any time without a fee.
    • If you have not fulfilled the terms of your 12 month contract & want to cancel within that 12 months , it's:
      • $125 fee for the primary member plus $50 each additional member to cancel.
  • Regardless of when in your contract you are cancelling, all cancellations are done at
    Club Fit where a signature is required.  
  • You sign our cancellation document which is uploaded into your account with a copy for your records.
  • A stop payment or bank account cancellation absolutely does not cancel your gym membership.  This simple form at Club Fit is how memberships are cancelled.
  • If you are moving 25 miles from a Club Fit location, just bring in your water or electricity bill with your name and your new address to cancel. 
    • If you have fulfilled the 12 months, there's no fee.
    • If you haven't, there's a $50 cancellation fee.  
  • Month to month and Paid In Full plans do not have cancellation fees attached.